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Convert your favourite 9 pin joysticks to work with your modern computers over USB, you can connect any of the compatible devices to this adapter directly or using a 9 Pin Extension Cable.

The adapter comes complete with a USB Mini B cable to connect it to a Windows, Mac, Linux or MiSTer computer, Please Note we recommend connecting any controllers or joysticks to the adapter first before connecting it via USB. This allows the auto detection to figure out what you have connected.

A500 Mini Compatibility can be achieved however it will require modifications to the system, you can follow our online guide for further information.

Compatible 9 Pin Controllers & Joysticks

  • Mini Monster Retro Gaming Joystick
  • CD32 Retro Joystick Kits (Hold UP on USB Connection)
  • Atari 2600 Joysticks
  • Atari ST Compatible Joysticks
  • Amiga Compatible Joysticks
  • Commodore 64 Compatible Joysticks
  • SEGA Master System Controllers
  • 1Official SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis Controllers (3 & 6 Button variants)
  • Commodore Amiga CD32 (Hold UP on USB Connection)
  • Amstrad CPC/Plus/GX4000 (requires CPC/Plus/GX4000 compatible firmware to be flashed to the adapter)
  • More to be confirmed...

If you wish to make your own updates to the firmware or create your own the full source code is avaliable on our GitHub page.

1 unofficial controllers may exhibit inaccurate behaviour, if you have any questions regarding this please contact us.

Latest Video Review

By Anonymous from The Netherlands

Works great (18 October 2021)

I have a very old Amiga 500 and a couple of 9 pin joysticks. I wanted to spare my precious Amiga and play Amiga games on my regular computer with emulation software but still with the same controller experience. These 9 pin joystick adapters are perfect to do so. Just plug them in and your operating system sees your old joysticks as USB joysticks right away. Also you can easily build the adapters into your regular pc using a suitable PCI mounting bracket and with the right cable you can connect internally to your motherboard. Higly recommended.product.

By Dave from Uk

Good Adaptor (25 September 2021)

Bought this to use with my new Pi 400, and Konix speddking. And it works fine. I bought the cased version.
Had good communications with Ian about my query and the adaptor was sent very quickly.
My next purchase may be one of the tasty looking retro joysticks.

By John from Netherlands

Excellent customer support (24 September 2021)

I bought this device for my MiSTer to hook up my old 9 pin retro joysticks.
The joysticks were recognized immediately on the MiSTer. So truly plug-and-play.
The initial delivery took a long time so I was a little worried. When I contacted support the reply was very quick and I was promised a full refund or a replacement product.
It turned out the delay was caused by the Brexit and my adapter was received a couple of days later.
I also had some issues with the casing which I believed to be damaged. I contacted support and the solution was mailed back to me very quickly.
Altogether a good product and, just as important, good customer support.

By Zompie from UK

Great Product (20 August 2021)

I bought a couple of the 9 PIN D to USB Joystick Adapters. These work great on my Mac and PC. I found that initially, they weren't being detected by my DE-10 NANO (MiSTer FPGA), but swapping the cables for some shorter high grade cables did the trick. Overall, great product - but maybe change the supplied cables :)

By TexasFoosballer from Texas

Works perfect! (03 August 2021)

I love this adapter, I have tried many but this is hands down the BEST! I I use it on AmigaLive on a Windows 10 computer and it just simply works! No lag, no problems, the AmigaLive client detects it and I don't even need to map anything or configure anything, it just works! I highly recommend this adapter!

By Vypr from Scotland

Recommended Buy (17 April 2021)

I bought this so I could use my old 9-pin joysticks with a newly built miSTer as although I have a decent USB game-pad, the old school joysticks just feel better.
out of the box on the PC this works just fine. Windows 10 will see it as a USB joystick and it works absolutely fine.
Problems arose with the miSTer though, it wouldn't detect the Up or Left directions. This led to lots of googling, wondering if I should reflash the firmware etc until I found the issue was actually the supplied USB cable. Swapping it for one that I use for a JTAG programmer got the miSTer to properly recognize the joystick directions.
I'm going to leave a review of 10 stars because the adapter itself works flawlessly and that is what I paid for but be aware if you have issues you may have to spend a little extra for a decent quality USB cable.

By TechUr from USA

Plug N Play! (19 January 2021)

A pretty cute little device, good build quality. Works with my Atari 2600 Joystick and Genesis gamepad.