By Vypr from Scotland

Recommended Buy (17 April 2021)

I bought this so I could use my old 9-pin joysticks with a newly built miSTer as although I have a decent USB game-pad, the old school joysticks just feel better.
out of the box on the PC this works just fine. Windows 10 will see it as a USB joystick and it works absolutely fine.
Problems arose with the miSTer though, it wouldn't detect the Up or Left directions. This led to lots of googling, wondering if I should reflash the firmware etc until I found the issue was actually the supplied USB cable. Swapping it for one that I use for a JTAG programmer got the miSTer to properly recognize the joystick directions.
I'm going to leave a review of 10 stars because the adapter itself works flawlessly and that is what I paid for but be aware if you have issues you may have to spend a little extra for a decent quality USB cable.

By TechUr from USA

Plug N Play! (19 January 2021)

A pretty cute little device, good build quality. Works with my Atari 2600 Joystick and Genesis gamepad.