By TonyC from Glasgow

Excellent joystick but docs could be better (11 September 2021)

Best joystick I've ever used! Fantastic piece of kit made of top quality parts and really brings the arcade experience home. However I'd like to offer some constructive criticism on the documentation as there are a few omissions/issues here. They fail to mention/state the purpose of the switch on the interface. Same goes for what I assume are rubber feet or how the joystick assembly should be screwed in (symmetry implies two possible orientations.) Yes, the two possibilities correspond to left or right configurations but which corresponds to which? Also, I agree with others that wrench is necessary for the M5 nuts.

By McDope from Germany

Awesome Joystick (21 December 2020)

This is the best joystick I've ever used. It feels so awesome to move that stick, hammer the button in R-Type etc. Every pound is well spend on this one.
I've never had so much control in Commando 2 before.
The only problem I had was that the nuts to mount the joystick didn't allow tight screwing without a wrench. But that's quite manageable.
Guess I will get a second for multiplayer.

By Lady Eklipse

Good joystick with a room for improvement (01 May 2020)

First of all, I'd like to say the joystick is good. The buttons and the stick are clicky and responsive. The assembly is very easy. I also like the option to position the joystick on the right and buttons on the left and a switch to rewire second button to Up.
But there are still some issues I'd like it to be improved upon.
1. Disable the 2nd button action if it's wired to Up button. Currently it presses 2nd button along with Up simultaneously, giving unexpected effect in some games (Street Hassle on ZX Specturm as an example).
2. Do not disable Up button when it's wired to 2nd button. I really don't see a reason to.
3. Add some weight to the joystick. I ended up adding plasticine inside, because the joystick would wiggle on the table like crazy.
4. Even with extra weight, it will benefit from suction cups on the bottom instead of rubber pads. After adding weight it stopped leaning to the right, but still does lean up and down a bit. Since I use it for ZX Spectrum games, I don't always grip the panel with my free hand, I need it to press additional buttons on the keyboard.